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The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The gospel message as taught by Jesus and his followers in the first century has been fundamentally obscured by the mainstream churches.

The Bible does not saywhen you die that you live on in another form or go to heaven.

What is offered by God via the Bible is physical resurrection back to life at a point in future when he sends His son, Jesus Christ, back to earth to raise the dead and judge the world. This will be the culmination of God's promises to Abraham (that he would inherit the land of Canaan forever) and to David (that he would have a descendant to reign on his throne in Jerusalem for ever). This is the essence of the gospel message and the consistent teaching of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. Unfortunately, and yet as predicted, the true meaning of that offer has been obscured - even by those who purport to be Christian.

This free booklet sets out the bible teaching in more detail with relevant verses from the Old and New Testaments. I will send a copy free of charge to anyone who is genuinely interested. (Published by the Christadelphians).

Please do not pay anything! (the only reason a fee is published is because ebay will not permit listings that have no charge attached to them.)

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The Gospel of the Kingdom of God (free pamphlet)