Vintage brass rubbing on oak plaque of Lady Margaret Peyton

Vintage brass rubbing on oak plaque of Lady Margaret Peyton.

Probably a vintage reproduction, circa 1970s.

Size of plaque: 10 x 7.5 inches.

A bit about Lady Margaret Peyton:

“Died 1484 

Location: St. Andrew’s Church, Isleham, England

 Lady Margaret Peyton was the wife of Sir Thomas Peyton in Cambridgeshire England. Coming from a wealthy family with a substantial dowry and being the wife of an equally wealthy knight in the high middle ages, she was exposed to and reflected the opulence available to the privileged upper class of the period. Known now as the “Lacy Lady”, her brass depicts a lovely, intricate Italian brocade on what appears to be a Burgundian gown along with a headdress of embroidered hennin and covered by a short veil popular at the time. She also is wearing an elaborate necklace which compliments the stunning gown. She died in 1484 and is depicted as a monumental brass along with her husband and his second wife Margaret Francis in St. Andrew’s Church in the town of Isleham, England.”

Weight: 550g (allow 1 kg once packed).

Reasonable condition for its age – superficial marks & scratches but all part of its charm and character.

Priced accordingly.


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